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This is my 'official' website. I've been blessed to make my living doing what many dream of, but few can actually do — performing, conducting, and teaching music for a living. To my students, fans, friends, and colleagues, WELCOME!


Whether I'm in the studio teaching a beginning singer, conducting choirs, adjudicating competitions, instructing in the classroom, or being asked to perform in a new city,  this is the one place you can always go to learn more about John-Scott Moir, basso. I'll try to keep the information on my site current, topical, and even fun at times. There is a bit of personal info, audio, and YT Vids as well-  So peruse at your leisure and check back periodically.

Thanks, JM


  • Verrat- Brahms3:49
  • O Jours Heureux- Meyerbeer6:19
  • Ella Giamma M'amo - Verdi6:42

John-Scott Moir, basso

 "a beautiful, beautiful voice..." 

‑ James Weaver, Rutger's Athaneum for Early Music/Julianne Baird, Director

"a voice reminicent of ... Hans Hotter."

                                        - Tom Paul

“.. a vastly talented singer.”

​                                       Cornelius Reid